The Final Countdown

Five NYE Parties That You’d Probably Like

What you have in common with Ryan Seacrest: not much. Except this: you should already be planning your New Year’s Eve activities. Here then, five notable parties to get you on the right track.

DIY Drinking Stations... and Tacos

DIY Drinking Stations... and Tacos

You require: Some more interesting drinking options than just champagne. But also champagne.
You’ll receive: A late-night Mexican party, with liquid-nitrogen margaritas, DIY gin infusion stations and plenty of bubbly to pair with your tacos. Yes, bubbly pairs great with tacos.

A Studio 54 Party in Southwest

A Studio 54 Party in Southwest

You require: Some debauchery. On the level of Mick Jagger in the ’70s.
You’ll receive: A Studio 54–themed party in this hundred-year-old church that’s been painted over by street artists. Expect a live band, three DJs and plenty of champagne. But probably not Debbie Harry.

A Swan Song for a Great Bar

A Swan Song for a Great Bar

You require: Some final moments with an old friend.
You’ll receive: The last days of disco, Passenger-style. The bar and its cocktail lab, the Columbia Room, close down after the night’s service. But they’ll have DJs and lots of champagne, and they promise to cook whatever’s left in the kitchen.

Dec 31, 9pm-close, $20 at door, The Passenger, 1021 7th St NW, 202-393-0220

All Champagne, All the Time

All Champagne, All the Time

You require: Just some good champagne drinks.
You’ll receive: Six of those, to be exact, plus one champagne-spiked punch. You don’t need a ticket and you don’t need to dress up. But you may want to sample the Airmail Punch (rum, honey, lime, bubbly). It’ll arrive via ground.

Mad Max Meets Masquerade

<em>Mad Max</em> Meets Masquerade

You require: Something bizarre.
You’ll receive: A bifurcated New Year’s party, with a masquerade theme upstairs and—yes—a Mad Max theme downstairs, plus open cocktail bars, burlesque, music and a heated patio. Maybe don’t bring your boomerang.

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