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Costa Rica. Now with More Horses and Hang Gliders.

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The bad news: a merrily overweight saint named Nick who sneaks into your home to deliver you gifts... still doesn’t exist.

The good news: AltaGracia, a new hillside hacienda in Costa Rica rife with private villas, horse stables and hang gliders... does in fact exist. It’s taking reservations right now.

And here’s how it’s checking off everything on your wish list:

You want some privacy. This is located in Pérez Zeledón—the last region of Costa Rica unclaimed by any hotelier. And the only form of accommodation here is the private villas—50 of them, each with panoramic terraces overlooking the countryside. Check them out here.

You just want to relax. That’s what the spring-water-filled infinity pools and the spa—the largest in Central America—are for.

You want a pony. They’ve got 22 stables, a full equestrian center and a team of horses that’ll pick you up plane-side should you arrive via private jet. So really, try to make that happen.

You want aircraft. They’ve got their own Cessnas to help you transfer here from the main airport, along with a whole fleet of ultralight fliers (picture a motorized hang glider) for airborne exploring on your own.

Assuming you’re keeping your list modest this year.


Santa Teresa de Cajón de Pérez Zeledón
San José
Costa Rica
+506 2289 2190
official website


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