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The French Quarter Comes to Downtown

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The Parish had such grand ambitions.

But maybe it just needed some daiquiri machines.

Like they have at Preux & Proper, a double-decker ode to the things you eat and drink in New Orleans, opening Wednesday in Downtown from the guys behind Five0Four. (See the slideshow here.)

So, yes, this was the Parish. Still has that great bone structure and double-stacked patio. But now it’s a brighter, more open space with white, hand-carved walls and large windows opening to the street. Something about bead-throwing aerodynamics, maybe.

The looser, frozen-daiquiri-machine-strapped party is downstairs. That’s where you’ll duck in with friends for cognac-and-rye Sazeracs and moonshine margaritas from Pablo Moix and lots of Big Easy beer before your next Regent show. You could do the frog legs and fried-oyster po’boys there, too, but...

Better to use the separate entrance and head upstairs for a full dinner. Because that’s where the raw bar and wood-grilled Gulf oysters are. That’s where the patio overlooking Downtown is. And that’s where a dumbwaiter delivers your smoked-shrimp beignets, Abita-marinated short ribs with Cajun kimchi, and crawfish-stuffed steam pots from the kitchen.

And you hate to see a good dumbwaiter go to waste.


Preux & Proper
840 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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