Trader Vik

It’s a Chilean Vineyard. Stay Awhile.

F06836da7f8d5079a578847f4b6d53951929ed4a6 PhotosViña Vik Millahue
Your upcoming red wine forecast: steady to torrential downpours.

Note: wine may be accompanied by record-breaking amounts of horseback riding, poolside lounging and Chilean sunshine.

Let the clouds part for Viña Vik Millahue, a freshly christened, 11,000-acre hilltop winery and hotel in the hills south of Santiago, taking reservations now.

We could describe this place with complex vocabulary, clever sayings and deep-cut references to Ridley Scott’s vineyard-based rom-com, A Good Year—but instead, we’re going to treat you to this glorious photographic slideshow tour of everything.

And the advice not to watch A Good Year.


Viña Vik Millahue
Hacienda Vik
Millahue Sin Numero
San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, VI
+56 99 534 9437


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