Things to do for November 28, 2014

The Weekender

Black Friday, Hard Cider and Eggnog Flights

The weekend’s on its second plate of leftovers.

Suits and Shoes for 30% Off

Suits and Shoes for 30% Off

The day after Thanksgiving is a time to relax, make turkey sandwiches and possibly maim another shopper for some kind of talking robot. But you... should just go to Pockets. Because they’re doing at least 30% off a bunch of shoes, suits and sport coats. Yeah, that sounds better.

Nov 28-29, Pockets, 4000 Villanova St, 214-368-1167

So. Much. Eggnog.

So. Much. Eggnog.

Aside from mulled wine and the occasional glass of water... eggnog. You should be drinking eggnog. And Barter is making that really easy for you by pouring flights of the stuff spiked with different spirits like tequila and rum. The news just keeps getting better.

Available now at Barter, 3232 McKinney Ave, 214-969-6898

It’s Beer. It’s Coffee. It’s Both.

It’s Beer. It’s Coffee. It’s Both.

After all that tryptophan and family, you could probably use some caffeine. And a drink. So here’s both in the form of Malai Kitchen’s Viet Coffee Stout, a potent house-brewed beer that’s made with chocolate malt and Vietnamese cold-brew coffee. Goes great with eggs.

Available now at Malai Kitchen, 3699 McKinney Ave, Ste 319, 214-599-7857

Parking Your Car for Profit

Parking Your Car for Profit

There’s a new service in town. It’s called FlightCar, and here’s how it works.
1. Sign up.
2. Park at Love Field the next time you travel.
3. Earn cash as other members rent your car while you’re away.
4. Hope for the best.

You Make Hard Cider Now

You Make Hard Cider Now

Teach a man to fish and... right, eternal fish. But this is the holidays, so we’re more concerned with hard cider. And next week, Get Reel Goods is teaching you how to make it. Listen closely, and you’ll leave with a gallon of fermented cider. It’s like apple currency.

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