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Tomorrow you’ve got an important dinner.

And we have no doubt you’ll perform sparklingly.

But this is about the other 364.

And beer. It’s also about beer.

It’s about Stanton Street Kitchen, a darkened LES den of spontaneous dinners and the earth’s finest brew, opening next week.

It’s pretty hard to start with anything other than the fact that there are tons of candles in here. It’s like a séance. A séance with a beer list well into the triple digits and an open kitchen that’s cooking up whatever entire animals they feel like on any given night.

A 21 Club vet’s behind the whole operation, so you’re in capable hands there. The kind of hands that take tagliatelle in them and know that boar sausage should go on top and that there’s most certainly a specific brew that’ll pair best with your cured pork belly. Knowledgeable hands, is what we’re saying.

So should you find yourself on the pretty-far-eastern portion of the Lower East Side, and maybe your drinks date is evolving into the dinner variety, you duck in here, and you’re taken care of.

A reservation is also something you could explore.

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