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You may want to venture to the suburbs this weekend.

Not to do holiday shopping. That way lies madness. It’s also what the Internet is for.

Nope, you may want to venture to the suburbs for lots of beer. Draft beer. Probably more draft beer than you’ve ever seen in one place.

It’s called Yard House. They’ve got locations all over, but this is the first near DC, and they open today in Springfield. (See the slideshow here.)

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Square feet of this place: 11,000
Gallons of beer their keg room can hold: 5,000
Sides to the bar, which surrounds a massive stainless-steel draft tower: 4
Drafts available on that tower: 130
Ways in which you can get those drafts: 5 (half yard, pint, goblet, shorty, six-pack sampler)
Size of the half yard, in ounces: 32
Rotating drafts you’ll find on a chalkboard, like a coffee-infused, bourbon-barrel-aged tripel from Allagash: 5
Beers available in floats, with vanilla ice cream: 2
TVs, visible from just about everywhere: 25
Seats on their heat-lamp-equipped patio: 68
Burgers on the totally unsubtle menu of bar-friendly food: 11
Tacos on the menu: 8
Entrée salads on the menu: who cares

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