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Cocktails and Dumplings on H Street

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A marathon cocktailing session involving smashes, sours and Old Fashioneds. Always seems like a good idea.

And afterward, some late-night dumplings seem like a better idea. If only you knew where to look.

May we suggest downstairs...

Putting it all under one roof is Copycat Co., a dark, moody cocktail bar stacked on top of an unfussy dumpling bar, now open on H Street.

Here’s what you should know:

The drinks are upstairs. And it looks a little like an opium den. That’s on purpose. (See for yourself here.)

The guy behind this is a Barmini vet. But he keeps things simple here. So don’t expect dry ice and cocktails encased in gelatin. Nope, just two pages of classics—martinis, mules, fizzes and some house favorites like a whiskey smash and an apple toddy.

There’s food downstairs. Think: Chinese street fare like pot stickers, bao buns and lamb skewers, served till a half hour after last call.

Bring a date. Maybe a double date. But that’s about it. You see, there’s only a couple dozen seats upstairs, and just a dozen stools downstairs.

You don’t want to share your dumplings anyway.

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