Things to do for November 20, 2014

The Weekender

Brunch Lambs, Rare Fashion and Art All Night

Please don’t feed the weekend.

Rare, Queens-Born Handsomeness

Rare, Queens-Born Handsomeness

There’s a small, Queens-bred source of handsome wearables out there. It’s called Aimé Leon Dore. Gets snapped up in about five minutes every time they release stuff. So here’s a pop-up about it. Expect herringbone sweats, thermal-lined flannel shirts, perfect overcoats and the prospect of battle.

Nov 20-23, Aimé Leon Dore pop-up, 179 Mott St (between Broome and Kenmare)

Ovadia & Sons Doing Ovadia Things

Ovadia & Sons Doing Ovadia Things

You know how trunk shows work. The brothers Ovadia get serious with some sickeningly handsome fur-collar peacoats and leopard prints at Carson Street Clothiers for a few days. You know... it’s a very specific definition of a trunk show.

An Art House Slumber Party

An Art House Slumber Party

Your schedule for this art house all-nighter:
8pm: Dinner.
10pm: Check out trippy digital projections all around you.
Midnight: Dance.
3am: Go to Mars. (Or possibly it’s an art installation recreating Mars. It’s late.)
6am: Yoga.
7am: Breakfast.

The Handsomest Brunch in Town

The Handsomest Brunch in Town

Well, you could go to an incredibly attractive new NoHo restaurant and feast on a brunch of baked eggs with lamb shoulder amongst a crowd of incredibly attractive NoHo people. Or... you could not do that. Decisions, decisions.

Sat-Sun, 10:30am-3pm, Vic’s, 31 Great Jones St (between Bowery and Lafayette), 212-253-5700

What Else Is New
The Softness and the Tasting Menus

The Softness and the Tasting Menus

If you’re not wearing the softest shirt you’ve ever felt: Get on over to Marine Layer in the West Village. They’re from San Francisco, where apparently they’ve perfected shirts.
If “seasonal” dining is getting old: The Mas guy is doing 10-course micro-seasonal magic in the old Mas la Grillade space now.

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