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An Opulent Chinese Spot with Bay Bridge Views

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Some mornings you wake up and think, “Damn, this is a magnificent day for some Peking duck.”

Hopefully today started with one of those mornings.

Because Crystal Jade, an opulent hall of roasted duck, Japanese whiskey and views of the bay, opens tonight. (Here’s the slideshow, and this menu is not unappealing.)

It looks like a massive Chinese palace in here. With a good-looking bar involving rich, mahogany walls, black marble and antique-y English furniture. Just like any respectable palace.

You’ll head here for lunch meetings or dim sum brunch after bumming around the Ferry Building. Nothing wrong with that. But dinner dates—that’s when this place will really come in handy. Start off at the chinoiserie-lined bar and order a couple of Bamboo Groves made with Calvados, mezcal and smoked salt, or opt for one of their Japanese whiskeys—they’ve got plenty.

Once you’ve warmed up, head out to your table on the terrace. (Don’t worry, it’ll be warm.) That’s where the Kurobuta-pork-filled xiao long baos, 20-minute deep-fried pork ribs and pretty stunning views of the bay all do their work. You just have to sit back and oversee.

Assuming you’re qualified.

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