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Amaro Cocktails in a Prohibition-Inspired Bar

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Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.

Oh, you’re fine?

Well, still. You could probably feel better than fine at Rx, a Prohibition-inspired bar for plentiful amaro-fueled cocktails and other medicinally themed concoctions—it opens tonight. (See the menu and the slideshow.)

Quick history lesson: amaro wasn’t banned during Prohibition because of its healing properties. It comes with rye and vodka and such here, for good measure.

If you came here last Sunday, you would’ve been in the old Trocadero Club space with its minimalist stucco and mahogany. But when you walk in tonight, you’ll find gold walls, cozy black booths and a large caduceus mural on the wall. You know. That medical symbol with the wings and the snakes. Which is kind of a weird symbol, now that you think about it.

You’ll find a dark corner booth with a date who’s into absinthe and Chartreuse. If you just saw a snoozy three-hour Oscar contender, you could start with a “Stimulant” (the Dante’s got fernet and genepy, which is sort of like absinthe). They also have “Medicinals” at the ready, like the Hot Dram, with warm brandy and honey.

In case you’ve just come down with a bad case of the it’s-a-little-chilly-outsides.


701 Geary St
(at Leavenworth)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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