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Finally, an Art Deco Bar in Penn Quarter

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What if you walked into a bar directly across the street from Verizon Center and saw not one TV?

Well, you’d probably be surprised.

And you’d also be here: Denson Liquor Bar, a boldly old-school imbiber’s den from the Ghibellina and Acqua Al 2 folks, opening Wednesday night at 6th and F.

So yeah, you could pop down here for a pre-Wizards cocktail. But really, this is the kind of place to get away from the arena crowd—underground, dark and discreet.

Take a look right here. It’s all art-deco-like, with black tufted-leather booths and brass inlay in the tables. The kind of place where Bogart might meet a woman in a mink stole and summon some cold gin.

Oh, right. The liquor. Plenty of that behind safety glass that once hung in the old Hecht’s warehouse. Feel free to keep it simple with some classics like Aviations and Sazeracs. Or feel free to keep it simpler by putting some in the bottom of a heavy rocks glass.

You’ll probably want to hang here awhile, so before long you’ll be looking at the menu of bar food like ceviche, lamb meatballs and pot pies with milk-stout-braised beef.

Don’t get any on your spats.

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