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Dawn of the ’Fred

Cold-Brew Growlers and Chocolate Coffee Cones

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If you’re in the mood to fall back into a pile of leaves or to start planning some next-level snow angels...

You’re living in the wrong place.

If you want a chocolate-dipped coffee cone on a sunlit stadium bench in the middle of a fancy alley...

You belong at Alfred in the Alley, a gleaming new caffeine hookup focused on cold-brew coffee, opening next Monday in West Hollywood.

Here’s your first stop when it’s 75 degrees... in November. A shaded, tree-covered alley spot on the opposite side of La Cienega as the original Alfred, with a gleaming brass bar. It just feels like the right kind of consciousness is coming your way. (See the slideshow here.)

That bar has two taps, both with cold-brewed Stumptown-y salvation flowing out of them. Order at the counter, maybe with a Farmshop bacon cheddar scone, an Il Forno Caldo sandwich or one of those chocolate-dipped coffee cones everyone likes. Then head out to communal stadium seating in the aforementioned alley. The one covered in attractive people. Which was a sound design choice.

Or if you’re just passing through, they’ll fill up a growler with cold brew for you to take home.

Might want to throw your bed away.


Alfred in the Alley
8509 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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