Pat’s & Mike’s

It’s Pat

The Snuffer’s Guys Do Pizza and Tequila

First rule of running a restaurant: if you do something good, attach your name to it.

The rest will take care of itself.

Okay, we made that up. But we may be onto something.

Because here’s Pat’s & Mike’s, a homey new dinner-and-drinks situation from the guys who brought you Snuffer’s. It’s soft-opening tonight on Preston.

So Pat and Mike Snuffer. Good guys. Plied you with burgers and cheese fries for many, many years. But here they’re doing things a bit differently. Still some burgers, sure. Everyone likes burgers. But also: a stone oven for cranking out pizzas and a full bar that’s pouring 36 tequilas. You’ll allow it.

Inside it’s all brown leather booths and dark woods. It’s cozy. So bring some friends and settle into one of those booths. Request a draft beer with a side of tequila, or go with a margarita. There are no wrong answers here. Just right ones, and right-er ones. Then follow that up with some meatball sliders, another round of drinks and feelings of general contentment.

The polar vortex can’t get you in here.


Pat’s & Mike’s
18101 Preston Rd, Ste 204c
Dallas, TX, 75252

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