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Two Reasons You Should Get to Park Ave South

None 23 Photos Florian and The Little Beet Table
1. It’s official: you never have to go another day without a pizza on an artist’s palette, topped with a whole lobster.

Those days are just the worst.

So get to Florian, a palace of Italian excess and cocktails from Shelly Fireman (he of all the good Theater District spots), opening tonight.

Things you should get ready for here:

—A towering, elaborately chandeliered spot for a business dinner or a third date.

—Some very large and creative statuary.

—That pizza we were just talking about with the lobster.

—A celebration of veal parm.

—An alcoholic beverage with both saffron and pepperoncini.

What wondrous times we live in.

2. If we told you we found “the Dwight Schrute of restaurants”...

Admit it, you’d have to see what that’s about.

And so... The Little Beet Table, a place where the word “healthy” is going to come up a lot but you should really just try it still because it’s excellent. That’s open right now.

Gluten-free: check (for what that’s worth). Sunny farmhouse of casual-dinner plans and work-of-art-grade vegetable plates: yes.

But most importantly, this is the future top Google search result for “most tender chicken in New York.” Here it is on the menu.

Of course we used the scientific method.

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