McClellan’s Retreat

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A Dark Den of Cocktails. And the Civil War.

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Today’s drinking update concerns a Union general named McClellan. Lincoln fired him. And later beat him in the 1864 election.

But on the plus side, his men really liked him. Even erected a statue for him up the block from... this place.

Iron your finest dress blues for McClellan’s Retreat, a tiny drinking hole in the general’s honor, opening Wednesday in the former Veritas space near Dupont.

This is one of those dark, cozy spots that’s as good for meeting an out-of-town friend for a nightcap as it is for a bit of clandestine romancing. Check out all the plaid banquettes, the wavy bar and the oil lanterns.

As for what you’re drinking, well, it could be a shot of whiskey. Otherwise, it’s probably not what the general drank. Because it probably involves chai-spiced maple syrup, spiced butter (for their hot rum drink) and hand-cut ice. (See the list.)

As for the food... there isn’t much. Some charcuterie, spiced nuts, edamame. But it’s okay. You’ll probably stay focused on the weekly punch offering, and large-format cocktails that come in 40-ounce shakers.

It’s the Big Gulp of cocktails.

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