Things to do for November 06, 2014

The Weekender

Tacos, Beer and Ferris Bueller

The results are in: it’s Weekend in a landslide.

Tacos and Beer. Hey, Good Idea.

Tacos and Beer. Hey, Good Idea.

We found the tacos. They’re all gathering at Four Corners tonight, so that’s where you should go. There you can sample authentic tacos de trompo from a handful of taquerias. And local taco expert José Ralat-Maldonado will be on hand for all your pressing taco-related questions. Like, “Can I have more tacos?”

Dallas Chop House Lives

Dallas Chop House Lives

In August, Dallas Chop House caught fire and closed, thereby reducing Downtown’s steak-and-wine prospects. But rejoice, because it’s back now, reopened with a few changes to the interior and the menu. They’ve still got steak and wine, though. If it ain’t broke...

Drinking Beer in a Fort Worth Taproom

Drinking Beer in a Fort Worth Taproom

Here’s what you should know about Fort Worth’s Collective Brewing Project:
1. Their taproom just opened.
2. Inside said taproom they’re pouring a session IPA and a rye porter.
3. The rye porter is called Mustache Rye’d.
4. The end.

Ferris Bueller in the Parking Lot

Ferris Bueller in the Parking Lot

There’s an Alamo Drafthouse going into the Cedars neighborhood next year, which... doesn’t help you now. But what does: this adjacent-parking-lot screening of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Though be warned: there will also be food trucks, Chicago-style hot dogs and plenty of beer.

Nov 8, gates 5pm, movie at sunset, 1326 S Lamar St

An Evening of Bow Ties and Cocktails

An Evening of Bow Ties and Cocktails

If you’re in the market for a holiday gift or an upper-body accessory, you might like this. This being a Caviar Club trunk show with new wearables like bow ties and pocket squares. Also cocktails and a DJ, too. Because bow ties alone do not make a party.

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