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A Refuge of Fine Liquor in Lincoln Park

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You might need a drink after what we’re about to tell you.


The holidays are coming.

There. Now allow Ezra’s to help. It’s a new adult-refreshment depot with ever so much fine liquor, beer and wine, and it’s now open in Lincoln Park (and online, but more on that in a second).

First off... not your average liquor store.

Oh, sure. When you walk in. Yeah. Pretty much just another store. But take a closer look. Nothing less than 150 or so small-batch spirits on those shelves. Bunch of rare beers in that cooler. Wine. Lots of wine, too. Picking the right thing to bring as a host gift: suddenly less easy.

Because you now have a one-stop shop for your Letherbee’s char-oak absinthe, your Japanese single-malt whiskey, your Louisville-made Copper & Kings brandy, your all-in-one cocktail kits for mezcal rickeys.

But that website. It’s more like a magazine, really. In the first issue, you’ll find beautiful cocktail photos, recipes from barkeeps at places like Sportsman’s Club and Violet Hour, and various think pieces about the state of the cocktail. You can also buy almost everything that’s in the shop there.

Though, it’s okay if you only read it for the pictures.


1128 W Armitage Ave
(between Seminary and Clifton)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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