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Five Important Treetop Suites in Carmel

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Hard to believe it’s that time of year already.

That time of year when you need a vineyard-adjacent Carmel getaway with fire, champagne and swings for two... before you can deal with the time of year that’s about to happen.

Find treetop refuge at Oak Grove Studio Suites, a collection of five new hideouts where it’s just you, your deck and the Santa Lucia Mountains, taking reservations now at Carmel Valley Ranch. (See the slideshow here.)

Maybe you’ve already been to the Ranch. But that was probably pre-these: a string of secluded studios with private decks equipped with oversize soaking tubs, dual-sided fireplaces and a giant swing for two. Think of it like an upholstered hammock. That could definitely eat up a couple hours.

Anyway, you’ll come here when you’re not in the mood to see other humans, aside from the person who came with you and maybe the good man who wants to bring you champagne. But if you do feel the need to do... something, there’s sunset horseback rides and wine tastings, just to throw a couple scenarios out there.

Felt right.


Oak Grove Studio Suites
at Carmel Valley Ranch
1 Old Ranch Rd
Carmel, CA, 93923


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