Blaze Pizza

Blaze of Glory

180-Second Pizzas and S’mores. Yup.

Hey, big news: LeBron’s back.

And don’t worry, he’s looking even better than he did last season.

All crispy, saucy and bubbling over with mozzarella cheese...

Take a seat at Blaze Pizza, a casual, counter-service pizzeria that promises you a completely customized pie in 180 seconds... with a side of s’mores and an NBA MVP, open now in Fort Lauderdale.

Here is all the relevant data.

Number of locations in Florida so far: 1
Investors named LeBron James: 1
Odds you took the opportunity for a one-liner after reading that: high
Stone ovens baking your pizza: 1
Temperature of said oven: 800 degrees
Number of seconds required to cook your pizza: 180
Probability you’ll check your fantasy league stats while you wait: pretty high
Size of each pie: 11 inches
Toppings you can customize your pizza with: a lot
Toppings named “crumbled meatballs” and “salame”: 2
Percentage of pie you’re likely to cover with “crumbled meatballs” and “salame”: 97.5
Bottled beers on hand: enough
Frequency the s’mores on the menu are baked: daily
Frequency you could, theoretically, consume said s’mores: > daily


Blaze Pizza
6334 N Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309

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