Bes’ in Show

A Rising Taco Star Hits Chestnut Hill

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Right now, you know two things for certain:

1) It’s only going to get colder.
2) Tacos are delicious.

Best to concentrate on the good...

In that category: Besito, a new Mexican wonderland for tacos by the skillet and margaritas by the infinitude, opening Friday in Chestnut Hill.

For best results, please follow the instructions below:

—Enter. Pretend you’ve been invited to dine at some fabulously wealthy Mexican landowner’s hacienda. Your imagination has white stucco walls, forged iron chandeliers and eucalyptus beam ceilings to work with. (It’s slideshow time.)

—Decamp to a high-backed chair before a wall holding a ridiculous amount of candles. Start counting them, then give up when a La Sandia Margarita with fresh watermelon arrives.

—Decide your party can skip guacamole tonight.

—Laugh, because that was a joke.

—Inform the server of your preferred spiciness level as they mix guacamole tableside in a volcanic rock bowl shaped like a cow. Or maybe a pig. No wrong vessel answers here.

—Witness the arrival of pineapple-marinated pork tacos in a sizzling iron skillet. Don’t touch the skillet. (Do look at this menu.)

—Say “My filet mignon was cooked with beer,” because you can without lying.

No one likes steak lies.

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