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A Montana Lunch Spot with Pastrami Burritos

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Heads up: someone’s trying to reinvent the burrito.

Yeah, crazy.

So crazy that it just might... involve pastrami, grilled salmon and vegans.

Roll over to Kye’s, a quick new Santa Monica lunch specialist that’s not afraid to redefine the occasional burrito, opening Wednesday on Montana. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Sometimes you want to grab a quick lunch with friends, without meticulously cataloguing everybody’s dietary needs first. Here. Go here. This is the kind of approachable deli case you can step up to, and so can your friend behind you, and your friend’s coworker behind him, and everyone can make it work. Vegans. Raw types. The pastrami-prone. We said everyone.

Just know they’re called KyeRitos, and they’re not like usual burritos. They’re filled with bacon and green eggs, smoked salmon or portobello mushroom pastrami (or real pastrami, if you want) and then wrapped in tortillas made of greenery like seaweed, chard and lettuce leaves.

Maybe you also want a smoothie. Or a caramelized-banana shake. Just know that you can handle the KyeRito pretty easily—it comes in a cellophane wrapper that helps you squeeze the thing up to take a bite at a time. Like a burrito Push-Up.

The technology is still sound.

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