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Late-Night Whiskey. Late-Night Burgers.

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If you see a Little Red Riding Hood tonight, buy her a drink.

If you don’t...

Well, there’s always Monday.

Because that’s when Little Bad Wolf—a dimly lit cottage of burgers and whiskey—opens in Andersonville. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s cozy and just a bit off the main Clark Street drag. It’s outfitted with plank floors and a copper-top bar. Dark. A little moody. Has about 150 beers and 75 whiskeys. Serves food late. You’ll feel very comfortable there.

But we guess this is the bottom line on this joint:

It’s a place where the barkeep happens to be the lead singer in a heavy metal cover band and will greet you with her tequila-and-cinnamon Hot and Sours and her barrel-aged Manhattans.

It’s a place where you’ll pop in for shrimp tacos and pork bao lunches.

It’s a place for Belgian ales at the bar.

It’s a place for Bad Burgers with bacon, cheese, shallot straws and fried eggs with friends.

It’s a place for fried chicken at midnight because that’s just the way the night will go.

And fine, that’s five bottom lines.

Consider it our treat to you.


Little Bad Wolf
1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave
(at Clark)
Chicago, IL, 60660


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