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Butchery and Debauchery from the Houston Bros.

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Hey, here’s Butchers & Barbers, opening next Tuesday.

Like most Houston brothers productions (No Vacancy is behind it, Dirty Laundry is more or less below it), this is an old-timey spot that looks like it’s always been here. Only this time, the lightbulbs are on meat hooks, ancient straight razors are framed art, and butcher scales hang over the bar. (Give the slideshow a look.)

Oh, and this time there’s... dinner. You’re bringing dates here to share house-butchered, dry-aged côte du boeuf for two, lamb sausage, and habanero mussels with white beer from a Corner Door vet.

You’ll just take a little off the top.


Butchers & Barbers
6531 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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