Orenchi Beyond

The Great Beyond

First, the Beer Bar. Then, Some Good Ramen.

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You’ve done a lot for a bowl of delicious Orenchi ramen.

As in, you’ve waited in line for hours outside a crowded Santa Clara strip mall.

But you’d rather do your waiting at a bar, if they’re asking...

Consider the proximity of Orenchi Beyond, a sleek, noodle-obsessed city outpost of a cult-followed
Santa Clara ramen shop with a nicely beer-forward patio, opening tonight. (See the slideshow here, and the menu here.)

Yeah. The original spot’s a pretty big deal. Like, two-hour-long-waits-outside-a-strip-mall big deal. This
place... begins with you and your friends hanging out in an outdoor haven of Sapporos, Kobe-style beef
tataki and one big majestic rock from the Yuba River until your table is ready. Hard to argue that this
isn’t progress.

Once your name’s been called, you’ll make your way inside to your drum-throne-lined table. Order a round
of Oolong Hais (it’s basically shōchū iced tea), and you’ll know what to do next. Behind you:
the DJ booth and nine massive pots churning out nonstop noodle bowls topped with things like pork belly and
soft-boiled eggs and fried garlic.

Nine great pots right there.

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