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Five Fall Dates Because It’s Fall

There are dates, and then there are <em>fall</em> dates. The latter includes a higher concentration of cider- and archery-based activities. Also, they happen in the fall. That part’s key. So is reading the words below.

Drinking Cider. Lots of Cider.

Drinking Cider. Lots of Cider.

The Date: Swinging by Bishop Cider Co., grabbing a couple bar stools and proceeding to sample a flight of housemade ciders, including a peach-pecan number and something called Crackberry.
Risk: Literally none. Well, barring any grape allergies.
Reward: Drinking cider is a reward unto itself.

Just a Little Fall-Themed Spa Day

Just a Little Fall-Themed Spa Day

The Date: A soothing outing wherein you and your date will be massaged... and wrapped in spiced-cider hot towels.
Risk: Low. Unless it’s a first date. Then high.
Reward: Hey, spiced-cider towels can’t hurt.

Spotting Foliage from a Zipline

Spotting Foliage from a Zipline

The Date: Strap yourself into a harness, clip to a zipline and fly above the multicolored trees of East Texas.
Risk: Medium. Ask about height-related fears up front.
Reward: Couples who zipline together... we don’t know. Sounds fun, though.

Available now, Zip Through the Fall Foliage Tour at NY-TX ZipLine Adventures, 7290 County Rd 4328, LaRue, 903-681-3791

Going All Hunger Games on Each Other

Going All <em>Hunger Games</em> on Each Other

The Date: It’s called Archery Tag. It’s kind of like paintball, except here you’re equipped with a bow and a quiver of arrows. They’re soft-tipped arrows, but still.
Risk: High. Anything that requires a face mask is generally high.
Reward: Danger really gets the endorphins going.

Dating with a Shotgun in Hand

Dating with a Shotgun in Hand

The Date: A day at the Dallas Gun Club that’ll have you shooting disks on a 24-station sporting-clays course like some kind of Downton Abbey aristocrat.
Risk: Higher. Guns, people, guns. These guns aren’t shooting blanks.
Reward: Undetermined. But please let us know if you find out.

Available now, Dallas Gun Club, 3601 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, 972-462-0043

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