The Talented Mr. Huxley

Just a Little Wine Bistro on Geary

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You know the Tenderloin.

Famous for its dimly lit date spots filled with short rib and Burgundies.

You know. The Tenderloin.

Well, it will be just a little more like that when Huxley opens tomorrow on Geary—it’s a wood-paneled den of not-so-humble meat pies and more than a hundred bottles of French and Californian wine. (See the slideshow here.)

It feels a lot like being at a friend’s house in here. Assuming your host friend was a chef from Bar Agricole, the wine guy from Saison was also invited, and somebody thought to bring in a pretty incredible teak bar. Or maybe this is sort of unfamiliar. We don’t know your friends. But it’s tiny. Apartment-size tiny.

Anyway, you’ll come here with someone you know you like spending time with (read: not a first date), put your name in at the front (read: they don’t take reservations), then grab some drinks across the street at Whiskey Thieves.

Once the waiting’s out of the way, the rest is easy. The only decisions to make are: red vs. white, soft cheese vs. whipped lardo, short rib meat pie vs. braised beef tongue...

More red vs. more white...


846 Geary St
(at Larkin)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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