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Middle Eastern Baby Backs in Silver Lake

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You know Reubens.

They’re those sandwiches with Anatolian dried beef and Mediterranean sheep’s cheese.

And you know baby backs.

They’re those ribs rubbed with Middle Eastern spices and Turkish coffee.

Well, they will be at Bowery Bungalow, a fetching new cottage of modern-ish Middle Eastern food, now taking reservations for Tuesday’s opening from the Delancey/Urban Garden owner, George Abou-Daoud. (See the slideshow here.)

Some upcoming evening, you’ll tell a date you’re going out for Middle Eastern food. Just so happens it’ll be at an über-picturesque, garden-side chalet with distressed white wood walls, vintage enamelware lighting and antique copper beer taps dispensing 10 rarities like apricot-brewed cider and white sage beer. You like what they’ve done with the place.

They’re going old-school, so you’ll need to call for reservations. Aim for a wooden table in the bougainvillea-forward patio in the back. One with significant room, as you’ll want to try a lot of stuff here. (See the menu here.)

Stuff like smoked lamb belly with pomegranate gelée, Middle-Eastern-spice-and-Turkish-coffee-rubbed ribs, basturma Reubens and Japanese-Lebanese kebabs they call Shishkatori.

Yakibab didn’t have the same ring.

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