Things to do for October 23, 2014

The Weekender

Weekday Brunch, Silent Film and Rooftops

It was a bright cold day in October, and the clocks were striking weekend.

This Calls for a Sick Day

This Calls for a Sick Day

Two developments at Root & Bone: they’ve got weekday brunch now, which means that fried chicken. Just... that fried chicken. Also: they’ve got live music to go with that fried chicken on weekend nights. We mentioned the chicken, right?

Brunch Wed-Fri, live music Fri-Sat, Root & Bone, 200 E 3rd St (between Ave A and Ave B), 646-682-7076

Of Tape Measures and Dapperness

Of Tape Measures and Dapperness

You just show up in the body you have. And then someone walks up to you with a tape measure. And a couple weeks later, you’re wearing this shirt that fits you better than any shirt you’ve ever had. That’s you at this J.Hilburn thing. Explanations are futile.

A Tea Bar Becomes a Party House Here

A Tea Bar Becomes a Party House Here

During daylight, this is a bar where you consume matcha tea. Then Saturday rolls around and they put up neon paper roses, bring in quality DJs and turn the whole thing into a place where you dance. Like any self-respecting tea place.

Saturdays, 8pm, Ceremony Room at MatchaBar, 93 Wythe Ave (between 10th and 11th), Brooklyn

A Horror-Forward Dinner

A Horror-Forward Dinner

St. Mazie: charming little date spot in Williamsburg. They’re doing a dinner where they’re screening the silent horror classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, complete with a live band performing the score. Also, the place is allegedly haunted by angry spirits, so there’s that.

Book These Halloween Parties Now

Book These Halloween Parties Now

Halloween party situations that require your reserving:
1) At Nitehawk, a five-slasher marathon, called A Nite to Dismember. Worth it for the name alone.
2) At Refinery Rooftop: Batman-character costumes requested. Guys on stilts, aerialists.
3) At the Roof: face-painting in that cool Día de los Muertos–skull way. Possibly dancing. Insane views.

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