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RFK Seats and a Bowling Alley Bar

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Getting beer from a gas station: usually a last-ditch move.

Getting beer at a new bar bedecked with vintage gas station memorabilia: let’s call that a first-ditch move.

Fill ’er up at Lost & Found, a purposely divey, beer-and-whiskey spot in Shaw, expected to open this weekend in a former tin shop/auto garage. (See the slideshow here.)

And now, the three things you need to know:

1. They don’t just throw around the word “reclaimed.” They really mean it. There are old gas and oil signs everywhere you look. A hallway lined with dozens of license plates. A bar in the back made from an old bowling alley. And three stadium seats from RFK. (Get there early if you want those.)

2. Forty years ago, you’d have asked for a Schlitz in a place like this. Now you’ll have to content yourself with 25 drafts (about half local), 30 ryes and bourbons, and—if you prefer to complicate things—six classic drinks like a French 75 and a Scofflaw.

3. There’s food. But they don’t make it. For that, they’re turning to the Carving Room, which will cater sandwiches and hummus plates.

Hummus: so blue-collar.


Lost & Found
1240 9th St NW
(at N St)
Washington, DC, 20001


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