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We just received two troubling pieces of information.

The first: that you’re oblivious to the existence of Cape Weligama, a new 40-villa beachside compound in Sri Lanka that’s particularly ideal for some intense winter leisuring. It’s taking reservations now.

The second: that postsecondary education left you woefully unenlightened about the history, culture and leisuring customs of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

We’re happy to cover the basics...

It was called Ceylon until 1972. And more informally called “that island off the southern coast of India with all the stunning beaches” since... well, always, really.

They have these things called “wattas.” They’re basically giant botanical gardens with a couple villas and a pool. And this place has eight of them (see them here), each with a private butler. So, safe bet that the pillow-mint game is strong, too.

Shaking your head here means “yes.” Remember that when your butler asks, “Would you like me to schedule you a tea-infused-massage session?”

Sri Lanka has 832 miles of coastline. And on your resort, 0.0092803 miles (or 49 feet) of crescent-shaped infinity pool.

Rice and curry is the national dish. And yet, you’ll have a Japanese grill, a tearoom, a poolside bar, a seafood market and a Sri Lankan restaurant at your disposal here.

Nice disposal you’ve got there.


Cape Weligama
46/38 Nawam Mawatha
Colombo 2
Sri Lanka
+94 11 774 5700


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