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Peruvian Food and Pisco Sours in Potrero

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If we were feeling melodramatic, we’d say something about how you might think you know Mochica, but you don’t. Everything you thought you knew about Mochica is wrong.

It’s like the Rosamund Pike of restaurants.

Fade in on the new Mochica Peruvian Kitchen & Bar, the new incarnation of the decade-old spot that’s in a bigger location with pisco sours on the agenda—it’s opening tomorrow atop Potrero Hill. (See the menu here, and the slideshow here.)

It’s in the old Rocketfish space. Much less red now. It looks like what it should look like—an old south-of-the-border cantina, with wood-paneled walls, globe pendant lights and the occasional scrawl of Peruvian hieroglyphics. They spell out p-i-s-c-o.

Not really, but there is a full bar here. You and a date could easily make a nice evening at one end... but honestly, you might want a table for this. The menu’s enormous. And it has words like “cebiche” and “yucca” and “tamal” and “paiche” on it.

If that doesn’t seem to you like a meal that calls for a couple rounds of pisco sours, you may want to see a therapist. Or you could also try some chilcanos (pisco, ginger, lime) instead.

But probably the therapist.

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