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Mercadito Opens a Late-Night Booze Palace

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“They” say nothing good ever happens after 2am.

“They” have obviously never had frozen cocktails and fried chicken after 2am.

“They” should meet Tippling Hall, a new late-night cocktailing salon from the gentlefolk of Mercadito, now open in River North.

Your hourly guide:

4pm: Appreciate the thoughtful decor like metal hip flasks hanging from the ceiling (see the slideshow here) while you eat duck empanadas and steak frites (see the menu here).
Your drink: Wine. They’ll bring the bottle and measure what you drink—a reasonable $1.25 per half inch. No, really.

5 to 8pm: Post-work marauders with loosened ties consume beer cheese fondue with gleeful abandon.
Your drink: Sunny Side, a bourbon cocktail finished with moonshine bitters.

8pm to midnight: Giant beer steins are being hoisted. Chili-infused, frozen bourbon cocktails are being poured. Just order some fried chicken and hold on.
Your drink: The Derek Smalls, a bison-grass-vodka cocktail poured from a Spinal Tap handle. Insert “this cocktail goes to 11” joke here.

Midnight to 2am: Double Fisters—cocktails that require both hands—are happening.
Your drink: Double Fisters.

3am: You could benefit from a last-chance croque-monsieur right now.
Your drink: The Ronzio: grappa-spiked coffee.

Nothing good happens after 4am.

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