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Saffron Gin and a Giant Bull in Buckhead

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Your ears must be burning.

We were just talking about how we may have found your favorite new place for patio-lounging, gin-drinking and chorizo-eating.

And now suddenly here you are.


Anyway, that place is called Gypsy Kitchen. It’s a sprawling new Spanish-inspired place of merrymaking from the guys behind the Big Ketch and Smokebelly, and it’s opening Tuesday for dinner in Buckhead Atlanta. (Here’s the menu and here’s the slideshow.)

Let’s take a look at some fake future Tweets, shall we:

@FoodFace76 1m
Checking out a new spot. Feels like old India with all these turquoise walls, wooden slats and giant windows everywhere. #newrestaurant

@TheNameisJohnDoe 4m
Requested a table on the second-level patio with my date @GeminiLibrarian. Chicken croquetas app just got here. Gotta go. #smellssogood

@WorkHardPlayHard99 10m
Lamb kefta tagine (it’s like a lamb meatball). Pork tenderloin. Confit octopus. I’d say this business dinner’s going well. #workslikeacharm

@GeminiLibrarian 34m
Should I get The Evil Eye with saffron-infused gin, or the Spice Trader with bourbon, honey and ginger beer? #helpme #decisionsdecisions

@ObservantMan2 50m
There’s a gypsy woman plastered on the wall and a 397-lb steel bull behind the bar. Looks like the Silver Surfer in bull form. #mindblown

@You now
Somebody say saffron-infused gin?


Gypsy Kitchen
3035 Peachtree Rd NE, Ste A209
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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