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Going Way Off Road in Baja

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Occasionally on our travels we encounter individuals with a very particular set of skills—skills that can only be acquired by doing particularly fun/dangerous/maybe a little stupid things in particularly far-flung places. Some of them want to share their wisdom with you. We call them: The Connectors.

Name(s): Darren and Erin-Lee Skilton.

Skills: He’s a professional off-road racer. She’s a pop-up-dinner impresario. With their powers combined, they form: Aventura Travel, an off-road-racing/private-culinary-tour agency, taking reservations now.

Regions of Expertise: The Baja peninsula; mainland Mexico; Argentina; North Africa; Cleveland. Okay, not Cleveland.

Services Rendered: Most anything involving delicious edibles and high-speed drives on unpaved surfaces. More specifically, they’re happy to...

... escort you via 4x4 across the “Mexican Tuscany” in Baja, where you’ll drink copious wine and ponder questions like “What’s the Tuscan Mexico?”

... take you swimming with whale sharks at remote beaches.

... use their contacts to get you the closest-possible viewing experience at the Dakar Rally, a legendary off-road race in Argentina.

... put you behind the wheel during an off-road track event.

... organize a nice little spa day for you.

If you’ve got the nerve to ask for it, anyway.

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