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The House That Vanderbilt

Errol Flynn Stayed Here. Plus There’s Rum.

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Before Microsoft.

Before television.

Before sliced bread. (Seriously. Its recorded advent was 1928.)

There was: the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel.

It shut down in the ’90s after decades of hosting iconic swashbucklers of leisure, but now it’s making a comeback and taking reservations for a December opening in the US territory of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The prologue: in 1919, Frederick William Vanderbilt commissioned the guys who designed Grand Central to build him a hotel. But that was then and this is now.

Speaking of...

Then: It was frequented by the likes of Charles Lindbergh, Bob Hope and Errol Flynn.
Now: They’ve got a French-door-and-private-balcony-equipped room for you and your date when they reopen, if you play your cards right. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Then: A ladies’ teatime. An open-air beer garden. Definitely not a restaurant helmed by a Michelin-starred Blue Hill vet.
Now: Yep, that last one’s happening. Plus a wine-and-cognac bar, a martini bar and a lounge where you’ll smoke all the cigars and drink all the rum.

Then: A windswept beach and a patio all but sitting on top of it.
Now: Ocean’s still there.

And fine, you can Instagram it this time.


Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
1055 Ashford Ave
San Juan, PR, 00907


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