Marlowe and Behold

Here’s What the Word “Marlowe” Means Now

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The new one. It’s open now.

Here’s the menu. Here’s the
. And here’s why you’ll be notably happier than you were just before you opened this

You’ll have twice as many places to sit.

There’s lots of marble happening in the old Coco500 spot. Marble tables over in the loungier area on the
left. No marble in the dining area on the right... but a whole lot more marble atop the dominant bar.

That bar. It’s a real bar now.

It houses classics like a Boulevardier, but also More Cowbell. That’s... not a classic. It’s
got barrel-aged gin, lemon, Aperol and Cardamaro. That’s right. They’ve got a full liquor license here.

You can dine under stars. And near cacti.

The patio isn’t massive. But it’s a patio. So it’s enticing, and something about wall cacti just
screams brunch. That’s coming soon. In the meantime, you and a dinner date will have to make do with bone
marrow and crispy polenta.

And stay tuned for a burger window.

Yes. For those nights when you need a Marlowe burger so urgently, you can’t spare the seconds it would
take to step inside.

Let’s just say that’s not a rarity.

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