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Such an important year.

First thing that comes to mind: that’s when the Presidio building that just got a great new margarita-soaked Mexican joint was built.

Yup, definitely the first thing that comes to mind...

Consider the future legacy of Arguello, a new Traci Des Jardins spot inside the Presidio Officers’ Club—it’s all soft-opening this weekend and officially opening next Wednesday. (Here’s where you can see the menu and the slideshow.)

So there’s a lot going on in this complex. You can expect heritage-y museum exhibits. You can expect fireside jazz. You can expect rogue bridesmaids in corners, sneaking drinks from flasks. Most importantly, you can expect tacos and margaritas from the Mijita chef.

You’ll find Arguello next to the POC’s main hall—it looks pretty cozy inside, with woven-leather chairs, random stacks of baskets and lots of beams. It’s really very beam-forward.

Come for squash-blossom quesadillas. Come for tacos or caramelized pork shoulder. Come for a liquid, leisurely brunch on the (heated, protected) patio. The margarita situation is solid, sure, but you might also be interested in a Hay Chihuahua, with a kick of grilled-jalapeño syrup.

Would be weird on pancakes, but works in a glass.


at the Presidio Officers’ Club
50 Moraga Ave
(at Arguello)
San Francisco, CA, 94129


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