Snow and Behold

You Need Warm Clothes. Here’s What You Need.

None Listen, we all know it’s getting cold.

And none of us are happy about it.

Wait a second. It seems... yes. This just in: we are happy about it.

Because Snow Peak Apparel, the fabled Japanese camping brand’s debut into slim-fit snow pants, insulated pullovers and other things specifically engineered to keep you warm while you’re eating marshmallows and strapping skis to your feet, is now online.

Here’s the deal: until just a few days ago, these guys only made outdoor gear like camping chairs and tents and cookware. And now that’s not the case. Now... other things.

Like a pair of insulated polyester pants for slope-hitting.

Like a red plaid flannel for chilly nights spent navigating the bonfire circuit.

Like a striped long-sleeve T-shirt for making the lodge look better than lodges normally look.

Like a wool sweatshirt for being snowed-in.

Like an insulated polyester skirt...

For gifting, probably.

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