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Quick, let’s discuss what your Mid-Market lunch options were today.

Actually, no.

Let’s just go ahead and discuss what they’ll be tomorrow.

Tomorrow you’ve got The Hall—a scrappy little wonderland of six booths and a bar all competing to get you lunch (and breakfast, and happy hour), opening tomorrow. (Here’s the menu, and here’s the slideshow.)

Your options, posthaste:

Fine & Rare. Think sustainable seafood. Or think salmon Reubens on pretzel rolls, if that’s more appealing.

Cassia. Moroccan and Peruvian stuff from the Fuki food-truck people. Somehow this thing would’ve felt incomplete without the Fuki people.

Whole Beast. Deli sandwiches now, cuts of meat soon.

Raj & Singh. They’ve got six curries here, and if you want yours in a naan wrap, sure. Done.

Little Green Cyclo. Banh mi and pho alert. We repeat: banh mi and pho alert.

Dignitá. Coffee. Baked goods. Never know when you’ll need a good baked good.

And as for the bar... Choose one of eight beers on tap, or maybe a wine cocktail if it’s going to be that kind of afternoon. There’s also going to be a dim sum cart rolling around during happy hour.

Any respectable afternoon meeting should have a dim sum cart.


The Hall
1028 Market St
(at 6th)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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