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Your Own Private Pavilion at Quintessa

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Glass. Carafe. Bottle. Majestic hilltop pavilion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief rundown of important wine vessels.

Consider the beauty of Quintessential Quintessa, a new private wine-tasting tour involving an ATV and your own pavilion—now available by appointment in St. Helena. (See the slideshow here.)

Okay. In terms of wineries, Quintessa was already pretty bucket-list-y. What with the beautiful vistas and all the wine. But this is just getting ridiculous.

It starts with an ATV now. No, it starts with you calling them up and making arrangements. Then comes the chauffeured ATV ride from the main estate, if you want it. (You could also just hike.) You’ll see a lot of the hills that make wine, all that good stuff.

And then, the new crown jewels: three new hilltop “pavilions,” if pavilions can now be modern cubes of wood and glass where most of the floor-to-ceiling glass just opens right up so there’s nothing between you, the twisted, moss-covered oaks and the sky.

Seems like a pretty good place for some wine.

To begin: Illumination. That’s a wine. Sauvignon blanc. Then comes... more wine, and with the necessary cheeses, almonds, fruit and bread.

No bread would be blasphemy.


Quintessential Quintessa
at Quintessa
1601 Silverado Trl
St. Helena, CA, 94574


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