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Made-to-Measure Glory in Flatiron

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Here’s how this works:

Go to this place.

And they create you something you’ll wear buttoned up.

And that thing will be so fantastically natty that, later on, someone else comes along and unbuttons it for you.

Let’s begin...

At Read Wall, a sunny studio of made-to-measure, made-in-America suiting-and-shirting perfection by way of DC, now taking appointments in Flatiron.

What you’ll find:
A big, bright studio with a few racks of sample jackets and detached shirt collars, a large bottle of bourbon and a friendly guy named Paul who’ll take real good care of you. Also: a big, comfy leather couch and some killer tie patterns.

How it goes down:
You make an appointment right... where’d that link go—here, and come in for a thorough measurement session, some conversation and their “signature cocktail.” (That’d be the bourbon and... air.) You’ll then look through some swatches from the fabric gods of Southwick (or Loro Piana, if the mood strikes), and choose one.

How it ends:
In approximately four to eight weeks, that little swatch you picked out will come back as a fully grown suit that fits you and only you.

And on a sadder note: it also ends with an empty glass of bourbon.


Read Wall
900 Broadway, Ste 803
(near 20th)
New York, NY, 10003


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