Quince, Lather, Repeat

The Next Generation of Quince Is Upon Us All

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Here’s what you want to ask about the new Quince, in three simple words: “Okay, what’s changed?”

Happy to oblige. Here’s what’s changed and what hasn’t. (And here’s the slideshow.)

Then: Truly excellent, sorta stuffy expense-account dinners in a space that... didn’t feel like a mansion with secrets.
Now: The 1907 bones remain, but the bar was made smaller (stay with us here) to create space for more rooms with majestic tables, banquettes and curtains for privacy when needed. You could just have a nice, memorable date here now. Feels newly right. More intimate.

Then: Champagne from a bar, or from a server, or... no, those were the only two delivery mechanisms, really.
Now: Hey, that looks like a champagne cart roaming in the lounge. Closer inspection reveals it is. It is a champagne cart.

Then: Gold.
Now: Bronze. You’ll see.

Then: You could see right into the kitchen from the sidewalk, but you probably never made it inside.
Now: New seats. Chef’s counter. Right there in the kitchen. Might be the best seats in the house.

Unless you have an unreasonable fear of sous-chefs.


470 Pacific Ave
(at Montgomery)
San Francisco, CA, 94133


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