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Coffee, Flasks and Sexy Hotness Bags: Here

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It’s so hard to think about camping and “Sexy Hotness” sleeping bags until you get a little coffee with chocolate ice cubes into your system.

Then and only then can you start to think about camping and “Sexy Hotness” sleeping bags.


The good news is that The Alite Outpost thought of everything—it’s got loads of fun/useful outdoorsy stuff and also a good café, now soft-open in the Mission. (See the slideshow here.)

First things first: that coffee bar up front. It’s called Tiny Warrior Coffee. They will indeed put chocolate ice cubes in your coffee, if you like, and they’ve got trail mix and pastries. There. Now you’re ready for what’s beyond.

What’s beyond is camping gear, mostly, but for the fun kind of camping that requires wine bags, collapsible hammocks, camp chairs and a banana-shaped plastic case to protect your banana. Nobody wants a smashed banana around a campfire.

Most important, obviously, are those “Sexy Hotness” bags, which are basically wearable sleeping bags. If you’re kicking around in the woods with someone else who’s wearing one, you can just zip them together into one bag after dark.

First person to call the other one “Sexy Hotness” loses.


The Alite Outpost
3376 18th St
(between Mission and Capp)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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