The UrbanDaddy San Francisco Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Eight Simple Ways to Win Valentine’s Day

By Lauren Sloss ·
Maybe you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with champagne and chocolates. Maybe you opt for action movies and some brown liquor. Maybe you completely forgot it was a thing until we reminded you just now.

Either way, 1) it’s coming, and 2) you probably need to give someone a gift.

So here it is, the UrbanDaddy San Francisco Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

You already knew we were going to call it that, didn’t you...

Perhaps there’s someone in your life who would like this bodysuit from San Francisco–based lingerie company True&Co. Perhaps that someone would commend you for selecting an item that is comfortable, versatile and... yeah, this is for you. $88, Stripe and Lace Bodysuit

Camping in Big Sur: pretty romantic. Camping in Big Sur in a safari-style tent with a king bed, a fire pit and maid service: pretty better. $325/night, Ventana Big Sur Redwood Retreats

Setting goals is important. Giving a special someone something to keep them occupied for, say, the next several months is also important. To wit: this membership to the 100 Club at the Riddler, in which tasting 100 varietals of champagne earns them a bomber jacket with their name embroidered in gold. Stay focused. Prices vary, ask for a score card at The Riddler

Here’s a nice-looking passport case for an adventure-loving companion. We bet they’d like it even more if you had a follow-up gift that allowed them to use it. $95-$110, Classic Passport Case

And for the rock-and-roller in your life, a sterling-silver-and-black-quartz ring featuring a lightning bolt and no shortage of David Bowie vibes. $550, Ziggy Ring

We know... flowers. But this year, you’re going all in on a flower subscription, wherein a nice bouquet will be delivered once a week, month, whenever. Making it more and less overdone simultaneously. $45-$85/delivery, frequency varies, Mission de Flores Flower Subscription

Oh, look. It’s a kite. That’s red. And shaped like a ship. How adorable will you two be, flying your red Valentine’s Day kite together on the beach or something? That’s right. Adorable. $40, Sailing Ship Kite

Everybody loves ice cream, so everybody will love learning how to make ice cream with the good people at Smitten. Especially because you get to use their special machines that involve a not-insignificant amount of liquid nitrogen. Fun. $70, dates and times vary, Churn Your Own Ice Cream With Smitten Ice Cream
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