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That iconic photo of the sailor kissing a woman...

Probably would’ve been better with a Walden filter.

Kidding, kidding.

Sometimes you just need a Leica Store—it’s the biggest on the West Coast, it’s home to the German cameras that’ve taken historic portraits of sailors and Beatles, and it’s now open. (See the slideshow here.)

First: it’s not just a store. It’s also a gallery (guess what cameras took the photos) and a lounge. And sort of a photography school. All the way back where the shiny leather chairs are, there’ll be lectures and classes and whatnot.

But as for the camera store part: oh, how much camera store there is. It’s a seemingly endless cavern of brick and glass and beam, with the occasional streak of museum-style benchery.

Fondle an M240 with a “100” logo on it, celebrating the anniversary...

Consider the M line, those cameras with sailor/Beatle cred...

Behold the vintage beauties from the ’30s...

Watch people take photos of them with their phones...


Leica Store
463 Bush St
(at Grant)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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