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First, the bad news.

As of this coming Saturday, there’ll be about 12 hours per day that the new café, wine bar and market Les Clos won’t be open.

Okay, you might’ve guessed the good news.

There’s a lot of lackadaisical Euro-leisure happening during the other 12-ish hours. (See the slideshow here, s’il vous plaît.)

You could end up at a sunlit two-top up front in the morning, chatting over a newspaper, a couple espressos and a croque monsieur made on a croissant. (See the menu here.)

You could end up at the bar having lunch—maybe a croque monsieur that’s not on a croissant—or a wine-and-oyster afternoon. The wine situation is a thing of beauty here. Picture a lot of Burgundies served in three-, six- or 10-ounce pours.

You could end up here for a dinner of duck confit, perusing the reserve wine list on an iPad and taking a little something home. Every bottle they have is available for sale to take home. It’s... a lot.

Speaking of which, some other (minor) bad news—no liquor license yet. So all this hypothetical wine pouring... it’ll be a couple weeks or so.

We didn’t want to lead with actual bad news.

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