Fall Me Maybe

Three New “Stocking Up for Fall” Places


Forecasters expect dropping temperatures, increased wind and rain, and extreme leaf-peeping opportunities in your immediate future. They are calling this sensation “autumn” and recommend taking the following preparedness actions: do not drive through flowing water. Consider stockpiling firewood. And scope out these newish online shops for suitable supplies...

1. The Uncommons
Who: Some Calgary residents with a brick-and-mortar shop back home.
What: Unusual leisure goods, like a piggy bank cast from an actual pig and a paddleball set that says “Aloha.”
When: Weird home makeovers; afternoons on Waikiki Beach.

2. North American
Who: Some Calgary residents (yep, again) devoted to selling stuff made in either America or Canada. (Sorry, Mexico.)
What: Shaving stuff; Gitman Vintage shirts; maple-leaf blankets.
When: Post-camping-trip; anytime you have to wear a shirt; Canada Day.

3. Monobi
Who: Some Italians who thought, “You know, we’ve been supplying techy fabrics to Burberry, Armani and Prada for a couple decades now. Maybe we should go solo?” Good thought.
What: Sharp-as-hell blazers, trenches and more—all made with water-resistant stuff like Teflon and nylon.
When: Oktoberfest; the Army-Navy game: rainy days ending in “y.”

Anyway, those are some ideas for fall.

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