Pik and Roll

A Highly Evolved Habitat in the Galápagos

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The Galápagos Islands hold many wonders.

The remnants of extinct volcanoes.

The origins of modern evolutionary theory.

A private villa with the fluffiest towels in the Pacific.

Guess where we’re focusing today...

It’s Pikaia Lodge, your highly evolved new 14-room headquarters for exploring the islands Darwin made famous, taking reservations now.

This is precisely where you want to spend a week with someone who really cares about preserving precious ecosystems and stuff. Because by some stroke of good fortune, sustainability here involves well-stocked minibars, private plunge pools and suites with views of (mostly) dormant volcanoes. (See the slideshow here.)

But let’s be honest: you’re here for the nature. Besides the colonies of seals basking by your blanket on the beach, and the giant tortoises at the on-site reserve, they’ve got guides to help you get all Origin of Species across your island on foot—or they can take you around the entire archipelago by private yacht.

Which is really just a highly evolved schooner.

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