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Georgetown Has a New Piano Bar

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Pianos. Not so great if you’re a cartoon character who’s just been told to look up.

But quite good if you just want to do something utterly different on a Friday night.

Which reminds us: Georgetown Piano Bar, a perfectly straightforward spot for listening/singing/listening to other people sing, opens Friday.

This place is underground. It’s dark. And it’s... way more compelling than an oboe bar would be.

At the center of things: a big red piano, with a drink rail on one side, and one of two piano maestros (formerly of Mr. Smith’s) on the other. They each know a couple thousand songs, and can figure out plenty more, no matter the situation. Like these:

The Song: “Sweet Caroline”
The Situation: Group sing-along. You’ve got one of the big booths. You’ve got bottles of wine coming. And you’ve got the pipes.

The Song: “The Thrill Is Gone”
The Situation: Breaking up. Grab a couple stools at either of the small bars. Let them down easy. Then pick yourself up with a Dean Martin (vodka, vermouth, St-Germain).

The Song: “We Can Work It Out”
The Situation: Getting back together. Croon some McCartney. Order some champagne.

The Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’”
The Situation: Anytime. Anytime at all.


Georgetown Piano Bar
3287 M St NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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